I know that flea (of RHCP) has his own brand but never though that their price can be so low.

Im really interested in Street series. Specs looks really nice but there is not much review abouth those basses.

I like thin and not wide necks , like J-bass,. But i want to know everything abouth those basses and how good they are.

I play with pick(2) , finger(3) and slap (1). and my fingers are not too long..

Note: Street series colors are too normal... So i cant choose.. how abouth white with black p-guard ?


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i think the company is modulus


Flea used to play Modulus basses a while ago. Now he plays his Flea basses.

TS, I would personally go for the Touring model if I was going to play one.

Having said that, haven't used them so can't tell you what I think.
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I dont have 400 euros... Wish to have...

I think only difference is basswood vs alder and neck wood(quality)

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I've played a few and they were shoddily made and you can add a new pickup onto the bill if you've any thoughts of sounding like Flea. Try looking at Ibanez instead for this style of thing, you'll get a lot more for your money.
I've heard of some people really loving theirs, but the few Flea Basses I've gotten my hands on had a few QC issues that should have been addressed. Definitely try before you buy with this one.
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I cant try beacuse there is no music shops . I will buy from thomann.de

I currently have a Ibanez GRS200 (or something). Its my friends and that bass... sucks. And with my 250-300 euros ı can only buy G series...

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