Was walking downtown yesterday evening and stopped in at a local music store just for something to do. Noticed they had a number of EHX pedal and a couple MXR ones, etc. All pretty decent looking.

I'm in the market for a delay right now... and they had the EHX Memory Toy? So I was curious and tried it out... they let me try it through an Orange Dual Terror stack, and it sounded pretty good. It was priced at $109...

Would it be worth my money? I have a Traynor YCV50 Blue and an Am Strat at home. They also had a TC Electronics delay/looper for like $220 and the Carbon Copy priced the same, but I feel I could get those particular pedals for cheaper somewhere else...

If anyone could let me know if I should maybe grab one, I appreciate it. Just looking for a decent sounding delay (doesn't matter which comes first).
first tell me what do you want digital delay or anal... delay Lul
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definitely shop around, do your homework. Ask local musicians in your area too, somebody might have something they want to get rid of. I ended up getting a Boss DD-20 for $100 not too long ago, which can run for quite a lot of money.
I own the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay pedal and I love it. Most websites have it for $150, and I would assume it wouldnt be much more than that in a local store. I think it gives off a great delay sound, and my favorite feature is the mod button which adds somewhat of a chorus style effect to the delay.
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I think I am going to go with analog.

I'll check Kijiji too.

I asked the guy running the shop but I don't ever trust those guys, really.

Damn, not much on Kijiji right now...

I'll go look again and see what they have, maybe check out some of the other stores in town too. Egh.
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