i have been looking at buying a new guitar soon and am wondering what is the difference between ibanez standard and ibanez prestige guitars.. like what makes a prestige so much better than a non prestige one???

Please explain if you know cause this will determine which guitar i buy.
Well, a Prestige is made in Japan. They generally use better parts for all prestiges, but also better crafting techniques and stricter quality control. I've played many prestiges and many non-prestiges and have found that I generally find the prestige ones better. Nothing wrong with many of the non-prestiges, just that the prestiges are even better yet.

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The Prestige models are the ones that are made in Japan - they'll usually have better wood, and generally have better hardware.
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If you have the money, then get a Prestige, you wont be disappointed.
if you can go used and you're in the US used prestiges as well as used rg550,560,570s are a great deal.
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The Japan prestiges tend to have better craftmenship, along with electronics and wood. Most Prestiges I've played have been better than standards. Great guitars.

But even the prestiges have nothing on the J-Customs, they own all.
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