Some amps like the Orange Thunderverb 200 are advertised as for guitar and bass. I thought it was because of the higher wattage but there are amps like the Ampeg B-15 and Fender Bassman which sound good for guitar which are much lower wattage. Is there a real difference between all-tube guitar and bass amps besides the speakers used? There are even some bass cabs that use 12" speakers.
I have a jcm800 bass amp. It does not have gain and has a lot of headroom for a tube amp. Still sounds great though
I thought the higher wattage tube amps could handle the wider (lower?) frequency range of bass? Which was why old 100W Sunn heads worked so well for bass. They only had a few controls. Solid state bass amps really limit the tone with guitar I find. Hooking up bass speakers to a high powered guitar head though can supposedly sound pretty good.
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the difference is primarily in the speakers.

however, the thunderverb200 sounds alright for bass because it was designed that way.

however, it's really not that great sounding compared to high end bass only gear.
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