can you get anything useful out of electronics like tvs, or printers to re-use on a project, or i guess would these be good places for parts, components, if not can you give some suggestions. im brand new to tryin to mod anything so the extra work will be kinda like practice thanx
I remember seeing a build ages ago where some guy made a guitar using parts from a photocopier, he also built a resonator out of a toilet seat and some pans from his kitchen. As for the rest of us sane people, there's not all that much you can salvage from appliances for music related stuff. You can take knobs and switches and sometimes electrical components but that's about all i'm thinking..
Sometimes old TVs and stereos have tubes useful for guitar amp and vocal pre-amp projects (or as replacements in storebought amps). When I got my vocal pre-amp with a cheap Chinese 12AX7, a friend found a couple of vintage 12AX7s in stuff laying around his basement.
http://sound.westhost.com/bulletinboards.htm You seem to be following the 4th bullet to the letter.

All kidding aside. A lot of the time, you can get a decent stereo out of the parts, including speakers. Make sure that if you see any caps over 50v to discharge them properly. Knobs would be useful, if they use the old transformers, you might have something there, if it's a super high voltage (1kV+) you could make a jacob's ladder.

Don't keep electrolytic caps, film and ceramics are probably worth salvaging if they aren't difficult to desolder, most of the time, the .10 part isn't worth the time and effort to remove it.

Welcome to the GB&C; but please, when you make a thread, use an appropriate title, for this, it may be "Using Appliance Parts for DIY?" or "Salvaging and Old TV for Parts?"

Edit: Definitely go with sound related products, hacking a digital coffee maker won't do much but waste time.
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thankx blandguitarist, informative and helpful, and i will try coming up with more descriptive titles, thanx for the welcome, glad to be here!
you can usually get new stuff for a lot cheaper now then the time it would take to rip apart something old for parts.

but it can be done.

hammond organs are great.
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thankx samhell, i think i saw somthing about that, jus couldnt figure out were to look
so alarm clocks could be an ok choice, also does anyone know of some easy starter projects other than the light bulb stuff?????? thanx all
Quote by fingas432
so alarm clocks could be an ok choice, also does anyone know of some easy starter projects other than the light bulb stuff?????? thanx all

I have taken parts from older digital alarm clocks. The new ones seem to be SMD components and aren't worth bothering with.

I'd start with something simple like a fuzz face. Its like 10 parts and an easy circuit to make, maybe a little harder to "tune" though.

Ah, look for a circuit called the bazz fuzz (something like this). I remember it being very easy and actually sounding pretty good too.
awesome sorry for the late thanx...... i been super busy,,,,,, i need a nice fuzz the fz7 sux