Well, do they?
Saw a tv show tonight and a dog was getting a blood transfusion, and it got me wondering...

I didn't Google this, because I'm on my phone and it's only letting me get onto the sites in my favourites
im copying this right out of someones yahoo answer

Yes, they do have blood types.

Dog blood type is different than the types found in people. There are 6 major blood types. 42% of dogs have the same type which is universal. Recipients need to be matched to the appropriate blood type.

There are 6 major dog blood types out of a possible 12, but 40-45 % of all dogs have a universal dog blood type. Sixty percent of Greyhounds have a universal blood type. Boxers, Irish Wolfhounds, German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Pit Bulls are often universal donors as well. This is important because only dogs with a universal dog blood type (DEA 1.1 negative) can be blood donors. Most dogs can receive the universal dog blood type, regardless of their own blood type. Tests are available to ensure a good "cross match" between your dog and the blood donor.

In an emergency a dog can receive a transfusion from another dog that is of a different type since dog blood does not have antibodies. After the first transfusion antibodies develop which require that a good "major crossmatch" is achieved between compatible donors.
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Yes, and they have a lot more variation than humans do.
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Yes, they do. IIRC, dogs have 3, and cats only have 2.

EDIT: Obviously, I don't remember correctly
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Basically yes; they do.

From Wikipedia:
Over 13 canine blood groups have been described. Eight DEA (Dog Erythrocyte Antigen) types are recognized as international standards.[2] [3] [4] Of the DEA, DEA 4 and DEA 6 appear on the red blood cell of ~98% of dogs. Dogs with only DEA 4 or DEA 6 can thus serve as blood donors for the majority of the canine population

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There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
Well, we do, and guess what we are animals just like them. Biologically we aren't much different from a dog. We just tend to think we are special.
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Better question. Do animals have periods? Like do they bleed and stuff?

Only if you kick 'em
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Better question. Do animals have periods? Like do they bleed and stuff?

Only primates do.
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But my dog had her period once and I put a diaper on her

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Well, are you on your period now?

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Better question. Do animals have periods? Like do they bleed and stuff?

I don't think so. Most animals have a certain time period during the year to breed or something, meaning, there's no need for them to keep sexually able the whole time.
I could be very wrong though.
Interesting thread.
I think dogs can have periods, that is: I once saw a bitch bleeding from her vajayjay and apparently she had her period.

So yeah.. cats can't though
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Yahoo answers says that dogs bleed when they're in heat sometimes
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Close enough.

My uterine lining is also shedding. >.>

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Dog periods. Good thread, guys.

EDIT: And just to contribute something, I have never seen a dog bleeding from her vagoo. Never ever.
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Well I have got to say this is the most random yet most informative thread I have seen in a while.
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