I'm between an orange dual terror and a blackstar ht 100...The orange is just sooo responsive and i love it, so i was wondering if the blackstar's response was close to or as good as the orange's?

It seems like I'd be getting more bang for my buck if i went with the blackstar
ummm having only played one of the two (the dual terror), id just say that the orange is kinda a one trick pony. it sounds sick, but i wouldnt get it. its not very versatile. the local shop i go to has both, and i walked in the other day and heard someone playing the ht-100 recently, and it sounds awesome. id appreciate it if someone who has played it would respond, as well. im kinda trying to decide between the ht-100 and a mesa transatlantic. tho i know nothing about the ht-100 other then what i heard someone playing through it the other day. either way, i love oranges...but dont think id get a dual terror.