I'm trying to getting started playing jazz. In all the videos I've seen of the "greats", they were playing with traditional grip. Should I be worried about practicing this way? My matched is far better than my tradition. Opinions? Suggestions? Cake?
Traditional doesn't impede your playing when you're used to it, and it really facilitates jazz drumming. Ideally, one can switch between the two comfortably, but a lot of drummers prefer it.
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I think thats mainly because Jazz is an older form of music and jazz students are generally taught traditional grip. I'd stick with playing matched unless you really want to learn traditional, its not going to make much/any difference.
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Gary Novak plays jazz with matched grip a lot of the time, and he's pretty damn good.

It's not crucial for learning jazz at all, unless you care about the aesthetic aspect. I used to practice both matched and traditional a lot, but have since abandoned trad since it's asymmetrical by nature and my style is oriented around ambidexterity. If you want to learn trad, then do it, but don't do that just because the greats do. Use whatever technique is most comfortable and suits you the best.