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This is the official thread for submissions to get reviewed by Two Guys Metal Reviews. The two old threads were getting cluttered and people were getting overlooked due to a lack of organization, so this is the new one. The previous threads will be deleted in one week, if the threads are deleted and you still haven't been reviewed, feel free to repost here.

Here are the entry criteria:

- Metal bands will be given a higher priority in the reviewing pool than alt rock / country / blues bands will. This is supposed to be a metal review sight after all. however you will still be reviewed

- Please don't post material if your band is about to break up, its pointless, and a waste of our time.

- Entries need to have acceptable recording quality, all live recordings or single track recordings make it hard to discern individual instruments. In many cases, this can lead to one instrument masking another, in particular, vocals are hard to hear, and we can't review you accurately.

- Entries may be thrown out for a variety of reasons, but probably won't be because one of the reviewers is insanely eclectic.
Please note that smaller bands (under 100 facebook fans) will have a lower priority, but we will try and get aroudn to you anyway

- If we seem to callous (particularly Dan) call us out, and we will take down the review.

- Your material should be posted to a Facebook Page, if your band does NOT have a facebook page, pm me and we'll see what we can do.
but seriously bro, get your band a facebook page

- Once you are reviewed, please attempt to post our site to your associated band pages.

Proper Entry Format -

[Your band's name]
[Your genre]
[A link to your music and facebook] (or y'know, both at the same time)
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sorry mate but i can't watch videos on this compy right now
i will try to get to you but nothing is certain
audio files are preferable

ok, im setting up reverbnation, is it good?
Quote by ethanwhufc
sorry mate but i can't watch videos on this compy right now
i will try to get to you but nothing is certain
audio files are preferable

ok, im setting up reverbnation, is it good?

reverbnation works fine

i totally will
Cojko Dial - 'Enter Shakira'

Comedy/Metal, free full album download on bandcamp:

Tear us to pieces please ^_^
Lascaille's Shroud - Links are all in the signature below.

Reverb Nation has the lowest quality, due to its small file size limit and our some times lengthy songs. SoundCloud/ Facebook band page has the best quality of our stuff. Thanks for your time!

Quick links to song.
Parallel Infinities 4: Coalescing Particles
A Grand Sentience, Part 1: Machine

These right here are about 25-30 minutes worth of material

Maybe this is a bit more entertaining.

Don't know if lyrics fashion into your review or not.
Lascaille's Shroud

Progressive Cosmic Death Metal


You only exist because we allow it,
And you will end because we demand it.
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Okay, I'm going to be back doing reviews ish, I found that i had trouble reviewing bands because sometimes, I REALLY didnt want to listen to whatever kind of music it was that they made / my ears were fatigued after 16 hours of listening.
Quote by WeepingUlcer
"Come listen to ARE demo"

I think you mean "our"

yea yea same shit gets the point across but i guess ill change it
WarLords are a Canadian Black Metal band from Vancouver, B.C. come listen to are demo "Death To Society"

Listen to our Music here!
Warlords, do you guys know how to do a tracked recording, or did you deliberately go for the lo-fi sound?