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Lascaille's Shroud - Links are all in the signature below.

Reverb Nation has the lowest quality, due to its small file size limit and our some times lengthy songs. SoundCloud/ Facebook band page has the best quality of our stuff. Thanks for your time!

Quick links to song.
Parallel Infinities 4: Coalescing Particles
A Grand Sentience, Part 1: Machine

These right here are about 25-30 minutes worth of material

Maybe this is a bit more entertaining.

Don't know if lyrics fashion into your review or not.

your sound
is awesome
Hey, I'm still fairly busy with school, so I don't presently have time to start reviews again, but I wanted to drop by with a tip for your production values, you can use most any external digital to analog converter as a means to record your music just by playing with the settings in your computers sound preferences menu, so in the event that your unsatisfied with your recording quality, you can pick up a decent DAC and your recording quality should get much better in the event that you use an integrated pc sound card, which have a lot of background noise and rolloff. I can't vouch for any of them yet, but heres a VERY long list of DACs that you can pick from:
These lists don't mention any of the ultra cheap two dollar sound cards, the ultra expensive $100,000 plus "cards" or any of audiotrak's products.

If anyone wants to hear a comparison of integrated sound recording vs. external dac recording, PM me.
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Days of Tomorrow, I'll probably get around to reviewing you today, but just for future reference, you should work on playing with some settings so you don't record at such a high volume, when your using audacity or the likes, you get a little depiction of your sound waves, and there is a finite space those can fill. Once your sound waves amplitude goes above the top or bottom edge of the space, your sound wave looks like a normal sound wave, then once you hit that upper or lower limit, it momentarily goes "flat". here's a wiki article with diagrams:
here's a video giving an example of clipping:
Hey guys! I know you're busy but it seems my post got skipped. I appreciate what you guys are doing for bands on here and you guys are doing a kick ass job. So, in case you missed it...

Versus The Collective
Progressive Metal

I know we only have 3 songs up, but they are good quality recordings. I would appreciate a review greatly! Thanks for the time guys!
Versus - I'll publish a review when I get home, digging what I'm hearing on my friend's laptop though.
Paranoid Joker, rejected, not enough material / I couldn't fairly review you guys, I'm biased against this genre.
Instant Witness
Garage Rock (I don't think you've got any Garage Rock on your site :p)!/pages/Instant-Witness/261733282617?sk=app_178091127385 or, alternatively, you can just download our full length (it's only around 30 minutes long hahah)

EDIT: I was also just told we have a band camp, if that's any easier hahah sorry, I had no idea until just now

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This is my band NEVEREADY. We have elements of Ska, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Funk.

This is a song off our first EP we released on the internet so if people like it, it would give them initiative to purchase the rest of the EP. We are all ages 17-19, from a junior in high school to 2nd year in college.

Hope you like it!

Genres: Alternative/Visual Kei/Steampunk/Orchestral Metal - Hopefully somewhat original sounding!

4 track self produced free-to-download Demo EP entitled "Under The Rose"
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Wanted: ESP XJ-6, ESP Classic 400 Strat/Tele or ESP Traditional Series Strat/Tele

Dig Symphonic Metal or Visual Kei < Click.

Sufficiently Plump, the first twelve songs on the playlist comprise a rock opera. This band really isn't confined to one genre, I guess its mostly rock, but there's some bluesy stuff, some funk, and some metally songs I guess
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This is pretty cool of you guys to dedicate time to reviewing so many musicians. Sometimes even just knowing someone is listening is enough motivation to props to you guys.

If you get around to it...some extra listens are always welcome. Our entire catalog is posted on our bandcamp site below. The 26 Letters Of Our Universe is our debut album...but we have some bonus covers as well.

We are in the works for our follow up album now...but thats irrelevant. We are melodic metal btw