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thanks a lot for the review. its very good of you to dedicate your free time to this
Bound In Blue
Bound in Blue
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Dammit, Snorlax! This is why we can't have nice things!!

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Band name: Withering October
Genre: Metal in various forms. (Gothic, melodic, downtempo and downtuned. Not really exactly sure)
Link to my music

Sorry I don't use any of those sites you recommended actively anymore, but this one, Ubetoo, also does what it should!

There are a lot of different stuff on here, mostly old stuff with not so good recording quality.
But those that are new are: Bergtatt (part 1 and 2), Cosmic Shining and The Legend of Zelda Soundtrack Cover. The rest will be updated to this quality soon.
New, but not so good quality yet: Forever Frost, Fall Asleep, Be Honest.
Old: The Pulse of Life, Your Dream Place, Once There Lived a Man and Requiem.
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Shadowmind - Rebirth (demo)
- Metal

We would love to get a review on this! We are in the starting phase, and will be posting your review on facebook, purevolume, bandcamp, myspace and a Norwegian myspace-ish site.

i love you guys so much
Hey, if you haven't already written the reivew, would you mind listening now? We just uploaded the mixed and mastered tracks.

Things Move in My Closet


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Hey thanks a lot for the review man! Glad you enjoyed it. Where did you live in the States, it says you lived close to us?

Btw, mind if we use some of your quotes in presskits and whatnot? You will obviously be credited.
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