I'm wanting to have my frets redone on my Schecter C-8. Schecter's one problem, they con't crown their frets and they aren't all perfectly level and if they were, they could move b/c they don't glue them. I went into my local shop, very very good place that does excellent work and they quoted me at 250 for leveling, filing them down, crowning and polishing them back up. Is this a fair price?

If it's not too much above average I'm go going to go ahead and do it b/c you get what you pay for with them. I wish I had some picks of their custom work, it's incredible.
What would the standard price be then? They charge 100 bucks for full setup so I'm not surprised at the reaction, most places only charge 30-40 bucks, granted that 100 bucks turned that guitar into the best playing thing I have.
Setting a guitar up for 100 dollars is a feckin rip off especially when you can do it yourself. I would´nt pay more then 100 for the fret job and thats a little high.
agreed, I paid that 100 once when I was 14 b/c I was completely ignorant to truss rods or anything of that sort. I've been doing my own setups since, but fret jobs are a little out of my comfort zone.