So as the title suggests i need help with my tone. I'm in a pop punk band and i'm not happy with the tone i'm getting from my Blackstar HT-5, I was wondering if there are any pedals that i could use to clean up my tone.

Any help would be fantastic!

Also if you play tuned down real low (drop B etc) then having light gauge strings can muddy things up.
wait punk/pop music in c#?????whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
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I'm guessing its Four Year Strong type stuff? Lighter strings will be looser at lower tunings so they hit against the frets and generally rattle about, try using higher gauge. Set your noise gate threshold as high as you can?
@SlashWannabe1 Yeah dude, we used to play in drop D but we transposed to C# for no reason at all! Have a listen to us if you want, there's a link below. It's not your typical really happy pop punk but we're not ADTR heavy.

@reversegenesis i'm using 10's at the moment and the threshold seems to suck a lot of gain out of my tone.. It's weird.