Some may have read my post about fret problems. While I may have the fret crowing done just to add some playability, not that it's bad. They frets are level and are not the root of my buzz problem. String tension is great, action is low, and no strings buzz except the Low G. The neck is perfectly straight, should I relieve a tad bit of tension on the truss rod and see if that helps, or would I be digging a hole I'm just going to have to fill right back in? The reason I ask is the guitar is tuned up, the store I bought it from, said they set it up properly but when it arrived it was in standard 8 string tuning so it makes me wonder if they really did or not. I didn't ask questions until now that this buzz has started to annoy me.
It does if I really go at it when palm muting, which I tend to do, especially live. It's a habit that tends to be amplified while on stage haha.