When I play my Schecter through my amp at about band practice volumes whenever I'd stop playing I'd get this unbearable squeeling and noise. But when I play with my Jackson, with all the same cables and volume, I just get silence. Is there something wrong with the Blackouts in the Schecter?
EDIT: The DKMG with emg's in it, not my other Jackson with passives.
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try standing back from the amp........ haha. stupid solution but u will get a pretty high pitched squeal from that. otherwise, a noise suppressor or gate. either an isp noise decimator or mxr noise gate
I always stand away from the amp, I've tried this solution many times, ha. But don't the noise gates just eliminate amp hum and whatnot? It's only this guitar that has the feedback, that's what's getting me. The people from my local guitar shop also said a noise gate wouldn't work, because I went in there to buy one.