I liked your song, it's very relaxing and chill to listen to, you kind of remind me of Franz Ferdinand for some reason.

In terms of the quality, I thought the vocals were a tiny, tiny bit too loud, and that the guitar could have been a bit louder. Also a little bit of reverb on there would have been pretty nice too.
nice one dude..
sounds very laid back,melody are catchy at certain parts..
and you look like you're really enjoy singing it..that is cool..
after 2 3 plays, this song might in get in the listener's head, good job.

hey,do crit my stuff
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here we go!

You have a nice soothing voice. We think that most people don't really know what it takes to write folk music. This song is sounding good and we encourage you to keep writing to find some more secrets about music. Never worry about what you're writing will sound like. In each song aim to break one of your preconceptions down...

Recording quality is good. It's not necessary to over due it.


Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
Need another mic for your guitar and/or play louder but it's very mumford and sons which I like.
And you have a good voice! That's rare on here. Like the lyrics, just get the guitar more pronounced.