So I've decided to do a treasure hunt for enlightened individuals at my college campus.

I have two major reasons for doing this, but I need your help figuring it all out...
1. I could find people like me in my area, or people to hang with.
2. The people on the hunt might have a problem finding the exact location or they might need help with a clue. This will lead them to interact with strangers around them. This will help more people get involved with each other. The more the better, really. I feel like a lot of people are out of practice at this and it would be fun to nudge people towards one another.

The hunt will start at multiple locations. I think I will probably print out a piece of paper that says "TREASURE HUNT" in big letters and put these papers on bulletin boards around campus, or some better more visible spot, with an easy first clue to get people started. The first couple clues will probably be on campus, but then it might branch off into other areas of town or something. Still figuring that part out.

BUT, I have some problems to solve before I start sneaking around town and hiding clues.
-Should I schedule this in advance, or have it appear out of nowhere (thus adding to the magic)?

-I am thinking I should make this anonymous. People will not know that I made the clues. This is a problem because I want to track the cluehunters' progress, and the hunt may take a whole day or even a couple days to complete, depending on how hard the clues are and stuff. Plus, I won't have any other way of knowing when the players start their hunt. I don't really have anyone in mind who would be interested in doing this, so I don't think it will be possible for me to do this as a party event. Plus, it sounds more fun this way.

-I will probably make a new account on some site, like a blog or a blank youtube for the hunters to go to and comment on when they start. Like a guestbook. I feel like I need contact with the hunter(s) to give extra hints in case they are really stuck and can't figure something out.

-I have no idea what the "treasure" should be. The people in question will be 17-25ish years old. Perhaps a geocache - type treasure would be good enough for this.

-I'm thinking part of the "treasure" will be my facebook or contact info. Does that sound creepy, to only reveal myself as the host after the players find the treasure (like I'm the treasure lol), or does it make sense? The people playing might be intrigued by my creativity or thankful for the adventure I gave them, so it seems natural to me to let them know who I am. Or should I simply let them know who I am on the paper they read when they first start?

-What's your opinion of a good prize? I am thinking that the clue right before the last one will have blanks in it that will be filled in using stuff found with the other clues so that people don't "accidentally" stumble upon the last location without going through the entire hunt. Not that it would be very likely because I intend to spread the clues out a bit. Not sure if this part will be implemented. Probably not.

-Should there be multiple prizes for the possible multiple participants? If so, how would they be distributed?

-Should I do periodic checks on clues to make sure they haven't been taken or lost? On that note, how hidden should the clues be? Should I hide them in plain sight where they could be taken by a janitor or a garbage man or anyone? Or should I have them more hidden and have the clue include some kind of detail that helps the player find the next clue when they arrive at the correct location?

-I'm thinking I might have all the participants go to some kind of party or meetup when it's all over. Good idea?

Your suggestions are welcome and appreciated! Thanks.
Before you begin you will need to lay down the ground rules for the hunt. For example: if the treasure is to be hidden in a public place such as a city park, you need to make it known up front that it won't be buried underground or behind a piece of wood like a scoreboard. Cities tend to frown on vandalism of public property. The city I live in used to have one every end of winter. It was a hoot to go out and look for it, but it became more and more troublesome for the city as the parks were being wrecked by people digging and trashing them in the late winter months, so they went to a virtual hunt. This lasted only a few years then they abandonded it entirely.
Luckily, I was one of the finders of it when it was still a physical entity, to which I earned myself a tidy sum of $3,000. Not bad for an afternoon's work I must say!
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it seems like a pretty cool idea and well thought out. before anyone suggests a prize(s), how much are you expecting to spend?
The prize will be of minimal value. Maybe a free game of bowling or a $10 walmart gift certificate, or something. I can't see spending too much on someone I don't know, and the main point is the finding process, of course! I'm not sure if I will have one prize or multiple prizes, either.

Thanks for the rules about vandalism! I actually didn't even think about that.

One of my friends told me to make the prize be a penny. lol, I don't know how cool that would be.
My uni tried this in first week to induct the freshmen and make them learn their way about campus. 90% of people said, "pfft, **** this shit," and went home. Do you really think it's worth your time?
Maybe not. I've never tried it before. I am getting kind of mixed responses from my friends about it though. Some say they're interested in it but I'm not sure if they actually are interested or if they're just being nice.

Maybe the prize should be bigger and mentioned at the start.
Jawbreakers shall be the prize.

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yea a prize of a rocks is great!!!!

...but really get them like a case of beer or something if they win.
i certainly would partake in a treasure hunt if there was a case for a prize.
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