hey guys i currently have a fender princeton chorus amp. is it possible to put a head on this amp? the owner before me who had it seems to have glued on some spots so i can at least have a head fit on it. but is it even possible to put a head on it? thanks!
how come? im new the whole amp head thing. so i really dont know lol thanks for any info
You're talking about an amplifier. It's not like putting a body kit on a car.

A head is just an amplifier without speakers. Your princeton chorus is an amplifier and speaker in one enclosure. If you wanted to use a head instead of the princeton, you could always run a head through the Princeton's speaker. Just plug the speaker into the head's output (or attach a 1/4" plug to the end of the speaker if it's hardwired). But I would not recommend doing so. It will likely sound awful.