i can never seem to sound like how guitarists play live, i keep thinking its not the guitar thats giving the amazing sound but its their amps. its like their overdrive channel is really screamy on high notes and lots of sustain. it blows me away listening to people play live sometimes.
they have thousands of dollars of gear and people who went to school to set it up on their payroll

you're not gonna get close without the same, at least all the gear
a band i like 'the black mages' a japanese rock band that did all those final fantasy game tunes live, i was amazed on how good the solos sounded on the single coil strat. usually its humbuckers that do best a guitar solos yea man.
ya, theyve got thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of gear invested in techs that went to school for it. but my advice, get a rig ur happy with, spend as much as ur willing to, and find ur own tone. find the way YOU want to sound like. if we all had a tone like our favorite bands, we'd all sound exactly the same, and where's the fun in that?