Got a new ESP/LTD MH350FR and first time restringing it, go to loosen the saddle like normal and the string is glued or something, my previous guitar had a floyd I'm not new to this but yeah does anyone know why the hell this is? It's still in factory strings and I even released the saddle entirely but the string just won't pop out, it's blimin welded or something. Just thought to post here before jetting down to the rockshop.
*shrugs* I don't know...
most likely a small piece of the string is jammed under the saddle block. remove the screw from the saddle block, take out the block and all will be good.
Okay, first off don't use pliers to try and yank it out. Wiggle it as much as you can, get a safety pin or something to poke at it and if all else fails, just take it to the shop. I tore up a trem trying to yank it out with a pair of pliers, kicked myself so much that night.