so ive just bought an esp eclipse 2 EC-2 and i wanna get it setup for metalcore , im just wondering how thick i should go with the strings , i was thinking 12 - 56? the lowest im looking at going is drop A and ill be in drop b pretty much all of the time , just wondering if you guys could share some suggestions with brands aswell, im leaning towards ernie ball but im open for suggestions
I might not be much help in this thread because I mostly play in standard and drop D, but I use D'Addario XL nickel-wound 9-42s on my PRS.
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I'll recommend Elixirs for the brand. They retain their tone much longer after they're added. For Drop B I wouldn't even use the Eclipse (I'd opt for something with a larger scale) but 12s should work. I play 10s, but in Drop D so I can't be of much help with gauges.
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Yeah, if you're in drop B 12-56 would be a must. I play 11s in standard, and was thinking of going heavy for Drop C even. I've done hybrid drop B/ Standard, and it is a bit loose for me.

As for brans. Erie ball has lots of size options, and I used them at one point, but am now pretty much sticking with Elixirs. They last for a good while and hold their tone for longer, and sounded better than the EBs (Didn't hold their tone for that long).

give these a shot. idk how the tension will be in drop b/a becuz i have these in c# with .10's. but the tone is the greatest thing i have ever heard. i started out playing dr's and moved to slinkys and loved them. this is my first pair of the titanium coated strings and i love them even more. i play mostly metal/progressive and these things are perfect