How do I write my own scale runs? I just want to write some fast scale runs to spice up my solos, do i just take all the notes from the scale and run down the neck with them?
It depends. When I take a song, lets say, with a progression of Bm-D-Em, which is in the key of Bm, I will work with the Bm scales (pentatonic, aeolian) to develop a solo. If I look at a scale diagram that has all of the patterns for the Bm pentatonic, I would want to learn those patterns and improv around them until I feel satisfied. A good way to start this is to slide up to the next pattern on the root notes.

This might sound confusing but it will keep your song in key and it follows basic theory.
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yea i understand, but im not really talking improv im talking about writing fast scale runs that just move from one octave to another one