The big four is doing a concert september 14 at yankees stadium. The cheapest tickets (extra fees included) is $169, and thats sitting in the section furthest back. I already saw Megadeth and Slayer on American Carnage, and Anthrax I've never cared much for, so (not that I'd hate to see Megaslain again cuz they're both awesome) the real draw for me is Metallica and the historical value of seeing all four. But is it really worth the price and the crappy seats (Grandstand 405-434B for anyone familiar with Yankee stadium)? Like, maybe it'll only be a short, rushed performance from each cuz there are four bands. Should I save my money and wait for Metallica's next tour? Please help me!!!
Hmm.. I guess it depends how much you wanna see them right now. I've never been to see Metallica before but I really want to so I'm gonna try my best to get good seats even if it cost my arms my legs and a few organs. So how important is it to you?
My friend saw Metallica at MSG in November of '09, and he was a little disappointed. I saw Megadeth last year too and they were amazing, skipped out on Slayer 'cause I'm not a huge fan of theirs, and I've never really listened to Anthrax.

If you really want to see Metallica, you'd be better off waiting for their next tour. Should be an album later this year so it won't be a huge wait. A lot of the ticket price/value seems to be the significance of the performance, really.
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let me put it this way, Metallica and Slayer are among my favorite bands, but I hold a special place in my heart for them above Pink Floyd or the Beatles or whatever because I identify with them on such an emotional level. Megadeth, is close, but not nearly as important to me although I do like them a lot. Anthrax, I never got into too much beyond a few songs and are a hit or miss for me. So I'd say 75% of this is pretty important to me. But because I already saw Megadeth and Slayer, I'd cut it down to 25% since I never saw Metallica. and the fact that such an event might never happen again, I'll bump it up to 50% for the historical, once in a lifetime value