This one has a sort of folky feel to it...sorta like some Bob Dylan stuff where the flows real weird (nowhere near his writing ability though )

Jim the Crow:

Jim was an honest, hard-working beast,
he pushed his plow with calloused hands.
Jim made the most with what he had the least,
and stood so tall where most couldn't stand.

Well, Jim was promised hope and got it so,
something so deserved, Jim held so dear.
The Boss bird cut the ropes and let him go,
but the story really only gets worse from here.

See, Jim couldn't do no readin' or writin',
And some sparrow contested "For that he can't be free"
And one ol' bird who was known for fightin said,
"Jim Crow, same as I? For that I decree!"

Jim the Crow, and all the honest, hard-working beasts,
were shown no appreciation for their calloused hands.
They built your bridges, they served your feasts,
But now they've lost any last will to stand.

"Free as a bird" or so they say..
I guess we're all free, in all our own way.
But ask Jim the Crow, he'll tell you straight,
"Fly right now, freedom ain't worth no wait"

So Jim walked to the top and hoped no to be,
He swore he'd leap and forget how to fly.
So curse the lord, for allowance to see,
'cause with closed eyes; Jim Crow's the same as you and I.

Jump, Jim Crow
Come and See how good I look!

You Stay Classy, Ultimate Guitar