alright basically i am unsure of how often i should change my strings on my guitar and on my bass. i have never changed the strings on my bass which i have had for 3 years and on my guitar i change all of the strings whenever one breaks and im not sure how often that is. so how often should i change the strings on bass and guitar? i got worried that i should change them more often because i read on a string review that its good when strings last 6months. And also how do i know when the strings arent good anymore?
You'll start to notice that your tone is just not as "lively" as it's been in the past and maybe having trouble getting the instrument to sound really in tune. Then again, if its been 3 years you might not of ever had a good tone that you can remember XD
I change mine every three weeks or so. I play two to three hours a day though.
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Yeah, elixirs could last you six months if you're a bedroom player, but worn strings hurt your tone, so it's good to change them every few months.

As for the bass... 3 years?

Probably should get a new set XD
I left a set of strings on an acoustic that was given to me for probably 8 years or so, and just recently changed it when it broke. Sounds much more lively. Although i do change my electric much more often than that.