I'm looking for some musicians to collaborate with. Mainly looking for another rhythm-inspired guitarist, and we can program/engineer drums (or I can do drums too).

I love how on the best Metal records, there's always that One song without vocals (because vocals would just ruin the song) that is just freaking AWESOME! I want to write instrumental music that's so good it doesn't need vocals.

420 friendly please. Also, I'm 17, but who cares about age. Musicianship has no age restriction.
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dude i'd love to help out! im 16 and play guitar,and of course im 420 friendly lol but im so down to throw down some instrumental tracks.im mainly rhythm but i KINDA know how to solo but not as good as i know how to riff.my playing style is WIDE,but its usually metal ranging from like metallica(they're my main inspiration,so i manily play somewhat like them) to bring me the horizon and more.i'd love to help on this track :]
Hey man, I'd be down to do some online projects. I love bands like Periphery, Animals as Leaders, Dream Theater, Nevermore, Daath etc.

I've been playing for roughly 4 years, delved into music theory a little bit and can solo pretty well. Sweep picking is second-nature and my alternate picking is becoming pretty decent.

I also record with Guitar Rig 4 so my guitar tone is actually pretty good for recording. Not to mention I own Superior Drummer 2.0 and Guitar Pro so writing/programming drums is easy.

As for 420, I recently quit smoking but your preferences are your own, I don't judge.

Hit me up with a PM if you're interested or want me to send you a sample man!