Hey guys, first post/thread here and I'm selling my telecaster. I've had it on numerous sites only for it to get lots of interest and then those people either disappearing or buying a cheaper tele.

To save typing it all out I'm just going to c&p the description here

FS: Fender Blackout Deluxe Telecaster (incl. Hiscox hardcase)

Hey, I'm trying to sell my Fender Telecaster. Information about the guitar can be found on Fender's website. The guitar is entirely original spec apart from the original jack socket has been replaced with an electro-socket (if anyone doesn't know what that is a quick google will answer your questions ). It comes with a hiscox hardcase. I've included some recent pictures. Obviously it is a used guitar so there are some signs of wear, the worst of which I tried to picture (but came out blurry). Even at the worst part it's still hidden by the strap as it's located right near the strap button. I can ship anywhere in the UK. Am hopefully looking for around £400 as both the guitar and hardcase add up to over £660 new, but I will consider any offers. PM me with any questions. Thanks!





That last pic I tried to show the worst of the scratches, sorry it came out blurry, but there isn't that much to see anyway

Also, to whoever buys it I'll chuck in a Mars bar! Cheers
Also, sorry for the double post, but should this have been posted in the UK ads thread, or is it fine here?