(First thread! ^^)

Hey so I'm new to UG... almost new to playing guitar. I am self taught and hopefully progressing pretty quickly...

I have a very cheap acoustic guitar at my disposal.

But I want to invest in something better.

I am an alternative and rock fan, and dont mind heavier rock. What would be the best investment for me? Dont mind the budget too much: just keep in mind Im an amateur player.

What would be a good electric guitar to buy?

Should I get a cheap guitar and then a good amp, pedels etc? If so, what do you recommend?

Well you havn't really stated your budget, if it's pretty low perhaps a cheap electric guitar and get a small Roland Cube amp, they're small but pretty good and you won't need any pedals for it, yet anyway since that kind of amp will have distortion and stuff built in. Save pedals for when you get a bigger amp i'd say.
Hi dude, welcome to UG!

Well, how much do you want to spend?
Also, there are starter packs for beginning guitarists, but I wouldn't recommend that. When I first started playing I bought a Mexican Fender Stratocaster and I paid about €500 for it. About a year later, I bought my amp (Another €600) . And another year later I bought my pedals (€350).

Keep in mind that I already had all that gear at my disposal, because my father is a musician too, so I might have taken quite long to buy my own amp.

But I guess the main thing we would like to know is what your budget is ^^

(also, I think it's better to save up for a guitar, than having to play on crappy gear ;-))

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Probably a Fender Strat or a Epiphone SG or Les Paul? These might suit your needs.

let us know your budget first though.

Welcome To UG
Sorry, budget...

Australian dollars are quite similar to american (slightly larger), and about half a Pound at the moment?

So in Australian dollars I wouldn't really pay more than 5 or six hundred for a guitar.(although if there are any okay guitars around $300/400 that woud be awesome) An amp probobly in the 3 or 4 hundred range. Pedals i would probobly leave for a while... i dont really know how much I should pay.

But since im still quite new to this the cheaper the better...

thanks guys!