hey all, i just registered and i thought i would share the covers i have been working on.
when i first started i used to play guns n roses, but then i have come across buckethead and have been playing some of his songs since then.

this video is me playing "interworld and the new innocence"
the solo was improvised on the spot, please give me some honest feedback.


I wanted to say this to you on your thread, so this may get a bump ;-)

but what you said about my cover on the flat bends is correct...
but it was meant to be !

you see the song is written in d minor so i used a d blues scale (D Blues Scale is: D, F, G, Ab, A, C, D ) you already know what note i was bending to ;-)

exactly Ab !

instead of bending a whole step i just bend half a step to the Ab instead of A (btw i copied this from Zakk Wylde. You could listen to the original and find the same half step bends)

it may sound weird to your ears, but tech it fits the song well. I am surprised you are the first one to point this out :-D


PS: I still love your guitar ;-P
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wow that was really impressive dude
i love your tone, and, especially with the delay and reverb you have on, it creates a real nice felling to the song
the effects you have on the video are also cool, they fit the mellowness and psychadelic feel of the song

also watched ur soothsayer cover- very nice i have to say

mind checking out my dream theater cover?