So I'm thinking about buying a Crate Flexwave series halfstack for my guitars. I was wondering, If i buy a bass cabinet (as i know that it isn't recommended to run a bass through a guitar amp.) could I hook that bass cabinet up to my guitar head (when I want to play bass) and not have a problem? I've played my bass through my friend's line six spider 3 half stack on a clean channel and it sounded pretty nice, I'm just wandering if this is possible.


Is it possible to hook a bass cab up to a guitar amp head and play without issues?
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Yeah you'll be fine. The only issue arises when you hook up a bass head to guitar speakers - it'll wear the speakers right down.

edit: i mean play a bass guitar through a guitar amp, lol. i'm tired.
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there won't be any issues with it blowing up, but you will definitely lose a lot of the low end, because the guitar head isn't built to handle those frequencies.

an EQ pedal may help a bit with that problem.
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^not entirely true^
Many bassists who like power tube distortion go for a 50-100 watt guitar head into a large cabinet,and great tone can abound.
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Really? great thanks! And yes, I might end up getting an EQ pedal if i see that i need it.
Please search, there's even a thread on this exact same topic on the front page.
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