so im looking at bying so pickups for my telecaster and im just looking at one particular website and im just wondering if you guys could share if u think its worth paying the extra or not. im aware there are probably massive lists of different pickups i could get but i just want to use these two to get an idea of if its worth it or not.

so , Seymour Duncan pickup:

Gotoh pickup:
Yes its worth the extra 'you get what you pay for' is something people dont realise enough, especially when it comes to music gear its hard to find a cheaper alternative to something that is also better

get the Seymour, you'll regret rushed purchases
Duncans are worth the money, regardless how much it is - at least that's my opinion.

I never came across Gotoh pickups btw. Are they like US-exclusive? I don't think they sell those things here in Germany.
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Especially since with guitar tone, "quality" is a very ambiguous quantity.
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Yeah man, I have a set of GFS pick ups in one of my LP's that Rival the Seymour Duncan set in another LP. Up to a certain point you pay for what you get. Then beyond that you start paying for the name which is usually tied in with labor costs as stuff manufactured in the US is more expensive. IMO If I had the cash I would get a genuine set of SD's if I was low on cash I wouldn't mind grabbing a cheaper set of quality. The key is to research before buying.
I don't know how viable of an option it is for you, but eBay has great deals. I got my JB pickup for $28 and change shipped, nothing wrong with it, looks almost new.
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