Hi so I'm looking at a price range of around 80 bucks or less. I think the DS 1 is a bit too cheap for me :P My amp is a Roland Cube 30. I recently bought a wah pedal off ebay (literally 5 minutes ago lol) and I'm looking to get a distortion/od pedal now. Any suggestions? I mostly play rock and metal
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I've been using the Digitech Metal Master for a few years now, It's doing a fine job.
The thing is that it has got a variety of distortions - It will do well for NWOBHM, Heavy Metal, Death metal, etc. Most budget ones won't do that for you. Since I have no clue what kind of music do you play, this one seems great.
the Coffin Blooddrive is pretty darn good, but it's designed more for tube amps
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Hmm I assumed footswitch and pedals meant the same thing :O lol
So what you're saying is that an OD/distortion pedal wouldn't do me much good. But why the hell are the foot switches so damn expensive
$75-$130 for a simple switch?
I found out that that switch I posted doesn't work.
I need a switch that switches effects and switches from a distorted to clean channel
Would a Behringer AB200, or even a Voodooman switch work?
If not, how would wiring 2 FS5U's together work?
I just don't want to shell out $60 bucks or so for a dual switch.