I have been looking for an entry-level interface/software package. Local GC had a box on the shelf..Lexicon label and touted Steinberg/Cubebase (?) software. Unit has mic and guitar inputs and a few in/outs for the usual uses. Software has up to 48 tracks (!) and is (according to the box blurb) quite addressable and manipulatable.
Seems like an awful lot of gear optons for a mere $59.95 (USD)

Anyone have a thumbnail sketch of quality/usefulness??

I had a Lexicon Lambda about 5 years ago, and it was great. I stopped using it last winter when my output started shorting out in the left channel, and it started lagging when recording (pretty sure both were cause by when I go it in high school and repeatedly spilt alcohol and drinks on it). It was great.

To be honest you might want to look at specs of other interfaces. To see where what your looking at compares to other interfaces.

I imagine you are looking at a Lexicon Alpha, if so remember it is only 1 channel, so you can only record one instrument at a time. It also has no phantom power meaning unless you have an external power supply you can't use a condenser mic.
Yer right FireHawk; it's the Alpha . I just checked and it's got two in/two out, hi/lo plus a couple RCA's out and usb's. It does NOT have phantom power, so I huess I won't be using condensers
The next level units get to be close to/above a C-note. A bit much for just diddling about and getting my feet wet.
Thanx for the informative reply
Well, it's a decent interface for the money and if you really can't save a bit extra, then it'll be alright. On the same note, I'm about to send mine back, I'm not getting a level of latency I'm happy with and it keeps needed to reset the drivers and replacing recorded signal with a louyd buzzing sound during recording. Lesson learnt in my case, but I know people who've had consistently good results with lexicon.
I am using a custom made electric guitar with EMG 81 pickup and BOSS MT2 stomp box & Korg AX3000G, and also Lexicon Alpha Audio interface, with Cubase 5 recording software, till now i was using Korg for rec purpose but my band is not satisfied with the dist tone of korg and hv tried tweaking it since past 3 yrs and the best i could get was with Metal Dist G8.5 V9 T6 M4 B7 and which is pretty awesome sounding to me but not to my other members, and so i picked up my BOSS MT2 and started tweaking with it using my small Marshall amp n found out the tone is much heavier than korg and so i decided to record it but while rec the output of BOSS pedal is very minute and hardly audible.
Pls help me out on this ??????
I Pulled the trigger on the Alpha Had a dickens of a time loading/licensing and then spent several hours setting up and attempting a few input tests. Seems my laptop has a few USBs that don't work/aren't recognized !
The whole Steinberg package is daunting and seems waaaay more than I wanted; but I'll struggle thru. Now to find time to read and decypher the voluminous pdf file manual!I expect to be able to layer a few traxs by week's end. Shaping, editing and mixing will be another kettle of fish.