Hello everyone! I'm new here so I'm sorry if I do something wrong! :p

I have a lovely Washburn Acoustic guitar and I was wondering a few things about acoustic pickups

I want to play with a pickup. My dilemma is that I usually strum, but for this one song i want to play for someone special in front of a pretty big crowd (Hehe ) is a Finger-picked song.

Basically my question is... What is a really good, versatile acoustic pickup?
Money isn't really a factor, I can always save up

Thanks for your help!
Well all I'll say is that there won't be a problem with the strumming/picking changeover. All you have to do is turn the volume up. Alternatively you could ask the soundman to use a compressor, this regulates the volume, but effects the sound, it might not work out well.
I wish someone with acoustic pickup knowledge would post here, I am in the very same situation as TS, I want to install a pickup in my acoustic.

As far as I can gather, you've got 2 kinds: magnetic and Piezo.

Magnetic works like an electric guitar (am i right? but you don't get an electric sound i think...)

Piezo works differently, and picks up nuances in playing style better. But you need a preamp installed too.

Then you see guys with little microphones in the sound hole, I can only imagine that's the elite super-expensive setup.

Anyone wanna reccomend some brands/models/etc?