A lot of the shows I play dont have monitors so its really hard to hear the bass and other guitarists. I was thinking about trying a new set up since in my band we all have full stacks, where we run an X pattern with the cabs. Like left amp has a cab on the left and right side and right amp is the same. Anyone have expeience in this? Would it work well or would it make for a terrible live mix?
I think that it would be far too complicated and may cause some issues with your mic's on vocals and whatnot.

if you guys are mic'ing the cabs up, you could try daisy-chaining some monitors off the main speakers and aiming them at yourselves. this would allow you to at least here something properly (i feel sorry for your singer with no monitors)

if not, try turning everything down just a bit. its possible that you're all too loud, which would make the bass really hard to hear and make the whole mix sound like a bassy, mushy mess
It would be complicated. And you might not see that big of an improvement. The big thing is that you need to be able to hear yourself.

What would work better would be to run your Bass head in stereo, and have one cab on either side of the stage, both pointed in towards the center of the stage. Other members of the band only need to hear you if you are part of the rhythm section.
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