My guitar had 2 humbuckers, 1 volume and a 3 way selector.

I took one of the pickups out, and want to split the coils and use the 3 way selector to control the coil splitting....

How would I about wiring this?
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If I recall correctly, you won't be able to use the original pickup selector your guitar came with unless it was designed for coil splitting capabilities. You might need to purchase a new one made to split the coils.
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im looking to do the same with my EMG's , 3 way blade switch
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I believe it is a 3 way Gibson style switch. And the guitar is a Jackson Kelly.
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I'm only going to run the one pup. It's my secondary guitar and I'm just noodling with the wiring. If this switch won't work I can replace it, I just want to know if it will work as is. 1 pup and a 3 way switch.
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Yes, One pickup will work with a 3 way switch

I haven't tried it, maybe someone else can comment, but if you took the wires you were going to coil tap and soldered them to the other lug of the switch, would that work as a coil tap?
You'll need an on-off-on switch. The basic idea here is to feed the positive to the positive side of the pickup, negating that coil, and the same with the negative side, feeding the negative to the negative. in the middle, off position, it'll be a full humbucker.

That's basically the schem, but drawn up for a pickp selector and a 3 way mini toggle
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