So what are the shows that, even though you don't like, you can't help but watch?

Shows like How Its Made put me in a trance that just means i can't help but watch and then 20 minutes later i realise i have just spent my time watching how a cricket bat is made. A new show called The Cube currently has me in its grip.
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If I really want to watch a damn show, I'll buy the season dvd. I save more cash that way than paying for cable or satellite.
I know exactly what you mean with How It's Made, kinda scary how it can make you watch a whole episode before you realise you don't care how high-pressure hoses or bottle caps are made...

I'm addicted to Top Gear though, for some reason it's just really entertaining, even the 2003 episodes.
Periphery, love that shit!
If I see the first 20 seconds of an episode of Law and Order SVU, I have to watch the whole thing.
On my third watch through of The Wire and it just gets better everytime.

Trailer Park Boys is probably the ultimate time waster though.
Jersey Shore, it's so bad but I just keep watching.

Also, Mad Men, but that's the best show on television. I watched the entire first season in two days it was so good.
i do lke it, but if it wasn't addictive i wouldn;t watch Mythbusters so much.

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What Not To Wear, cooking and DIY shows. I avoid those channels like the plague since I'll get sucked in for hours. I keep it on the few musics channels remaining, if the tv is on at all.
TV is relaxing, you easily forget time. I always have that when I watch something interesting, I have to go somewhere else. That sucks.
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Psychoville. It's really weird, and actually terrible...but I finished the first season and found myself anticipating the second.
house md, friends, everybody loves raymond, frasier, the big bang theory, scrubs and prison break. watched every episode of every show there so far, some of which more than 5 times.

apart from frasier which i'm currently addicted to.
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My sister and I watched the first series and half of the second of the Inbetweeners one evening. Funny stuff.
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Trailer Park Boys is probably the ultimate time waster though.

I wasted a whole two weeks watching one episode after another. But hot damn that show is awesome.
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I don't watch shows that i don't like.

But i wasted a whole weekend just watching the second newest season of Doctor Who. I get lost in that show, hours are like minutes
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Come Dine With Me, Wife Swap, The Office. How It's Made is awesome too, I always watch that when there is nothing good on.
The Wire

Some seasons I watched over the course of two nights, 13 episodes

And I've watched it through 4 times
I've become completely obsessed with Dexter. Today alone I've gone through 6 episodes.

I also watch Iron Chef America a lot, only the first 55 minutes though, I've only seen who won twice. I don't even enjoy it but its on when I should be doing homework and its mindless, so I watch.
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Pawn Stars. It's so bad, but it's soooo good.
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Anything on National Geographic/Nat Geo Wild/Nat Geo Adv/Discovery/TLC/E!.

Especially Storm Chasers.
The million pound drop.
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You enjoy, to some extent, watching The Cube?!?
It's so unfathomably lame. They blow everything out of proportions and the slow-mo arty-farty shots are like something from The Bill. Also: Phillip Schofield.
The only redeeming feature is when it deliberately sets balance challenges for fat people, because the look on their helpless, chubby face as they struggle to walk across a thin beam in slow-motion makes me feel warm inside.
Haven't had T.V. in two months. Though I am watching the X-Files on Hulu. It's taken me 2 months to get to the 9th season. I'm probably going to be watching law and order SVU or Stargate SG1 after I'm done.
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If I see the first 20 seconds of an episode of Law and Order SVU, I have to watch the whole thing.

THIS. I need to turn the TV off if i have something important to do, or else i'll be sucked into the episode and end up watching a whole Law and order marathon (has happened more than once)
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How Its Made.

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If I really want to watch a damn show, I'll buy the season dvd. I save more cash that way than paying for cable or satellite.