Hey guys, just need a little help. For the most part, my picking is pretty good, it's just when I have to down pick adjacent strings at high speed. For some reason, occasionally, lets say I pick my low e string twice at a high speed, when going to down pick the a string, I sometimes miss the string. Or, another example, lets say in that scenario, I hit the a string and come back up to down pick the low e twice again, I'll end up accidentally picking it once. Is there an explanation or perhaps an exercise someone can offer to push past this?
seems like you are not fully in control at high speed some of the time.
What I would probably do is pick out the parts where mistakes happen (which you've already done)

then slow those parts down and practice them to a metronome until they are perfect and consistent, and gradually build up speed from there.
The more specific problem areas you can isolate the better. That way your practice is more focused and effective in my opinion.

Put another way, don't spend too much time practicing slowly what is already OK at fast tempos - instead find out what's holding you back (weak spots) and give that more attention. good luck
^ +1

slow it down, til you got it perfect at the slower tempo then speed it up gradually.
Usually, when someone tries to play a passage (first time, or one of the first times) at their fastest speed, they sacrifice accuracy. So slow it down!!!

youll see better results this way, instead of diving in at the fastest you can go

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Alright, I'll do that all this week and get back to you guys about progress. Thanks so much!