Anyone have an answer as to why a guitar-once tuned to regular pitch using a guitar tuner would drop an octave after being stored in its case--it is still in tune BUT not in tune with my mandolin and violin which are tuned to tuners. this happens overnight. the RH in the guitar case is 50%.
Yeah, dropping an octave is impossible. The strings would be all floppy. Thats just normal dude. The strings are all tight, so their naturally tendency is to loosen up and drop in pitch a little bit. If none of the tuning pegs are getting pushed on while its in the case then all of the strings will stay about the same. Its also possible for all your stings to sharp, but I've never really understood why that happens. It just does. Thats why you should always tune before playing with anyone else.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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3 ram, nice

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u mean dropping one step? i highly doubt its dropping a whole octave.

yes one step i mean.
New strings?

New strings will loosen like that if they haven't been played in.
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