The second I saw the title I instantly thought of a Black Metal song, no joke. Loved it man! The parts around 2 minutes remind me of Ravendark .
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Nice work overall, man.

I like all the riffs a lot, they're really catchy, and they have some good depth/replay value. The only thing I can say is that when the blastbeat shifts around 2.40? 2.45? I dunno, somewhere in there, it doesn't sound too good. A bit sloppy and too crazy for my taste. Maybe with some production/a bit better recording it'd fit, but at the moment I think it could use something simpler.

Otherwise though, really good stuff. What're you using for the drum programming?
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I use Ezdrumer Drumkit from Hell....i find it most easy to use since i do the drums on Gp5 and then export them in the program
Wow this is awesome dude. What's funny is that I saw the title and immediately thought "black metal"

Sweet melodic riffs. I can't help but hear Abbath's voice over this either

Digging the break at 3:00. It's almost a clone of an Immortal riff, but the song is good enough to overlook that. The song is very well structured as well.

I would say that it is, perhaps, too close to an Immortal song (the riff starting at 0:57 sounds very similar to a riff in "One by One"). Although I have no idea how to write original black metal, perhaps you could try some different things that Immortal doesn't do in order to make it stand out a little bit more. But by itself, it's a good composition.
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Well thanks dude ... i wasnt aiming to do something orignal i was up to do an Immortal style song as i said.Im glad that it serve its purpose.Maybe if you want to check something that comes from my mind listen to my new song "Incarnation Of The Molloch"...its a techy black metal