ok so because of issues with cars a such, in about a month i may not have a car large enough to lug a 4x12 cab in, so i may have to downsize/upgrade.

so few quick questions.
i have a 120w tube amp head and ive heard wattage spikes when you really push the amp, so if i downgrade to a 2x12 cab, will 120w be enough? the amp never gets pushed past 5 on the volume. so when does wattage start to spike?

and secondly heres what im considering for cabs if i end up downsizing:

mesa 2x12 (used)
orange 2x12 (used)
avatar 2x12 w/ V30s
Avatar 2x12 w/ K100s (or maybe one v30 and one k100)

or best case scenario, a Bogner OS 2x12 (if i can get that much for one and im able to transport it)
2x12 will be fine... you're never going to run a 120 watt cranked you'll go deaf and often the speaker can take a little bit more then what is rated also..
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Speakers are rated like amps, so a 120 watt cab will handle a 120 watt amp just fine.

Personally I like the mesa over the orange or avatar cabs.
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like angus said, even if you push it, it'll be fine.
i prefer Orange cabs because I prefer the slightly darker tone they seem to give, but that's just me
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ok then guys thanks for the tips, i will deffinitly look into what i can find used and maybe if i can find a good deal i might get a bogner cab