Felt like going with a norse motif this time around

Of The Flow

Step down from states above
And grasp the spear
The bringer of wisdom
Blood shall be spilled
Nectar of knowledge
So sweet but metallic
Enlightening of the mind
Bartered of the spirit
Cannot choke the memory alive
Every skald part killer
Every scholar an accomplice
In destruction

A yarn is woven
Intricate weblike patterns of destruction and restoration
Scream when touched
But no one listens
Not until the rivers run red
Will the chalice be filled
And yet a head will roll
To speak of the beheading
Never will a man look to the future
Until the past strikes

War wisdom and rhyme
Inseparably intertwined
Like the Phoenix from the ashes
Rises progress from eradication
Atomic clouds forming shapes infinitely complex
Objects of gleaming symmetrical from
On a backdrop of red and black
Giant mute monuments
To a race that stood tall
On the soil forever fast
Tribe of stalwart titans
In the eyes of the long dead
And the yet unborn
2008 Epiphone G400 Heritage CherryFUBAR
2008 Ibanez GRG 170 DX
2009 Cort KX1Q
2011 LTD H 351 NT
Randall RG 50 TC
Ernie Ball 11-54
Dean Markley
Dunlop 10's