Please recommend some well made, great sounding classical guitars. Any price range is okay as I am willing to save up for a good one as long as it isn't ridiculously priced. Please post some nice cheaper ones too as I would like to get one of those first before investing in a really good one.

Thanks in advance!
Your best bet with classicals is to NOT look for a name brand. The better classicals are made by individuals or workshops. Are you just playing at home or are you needing one for school/competitions? There is a HUGE difference.
Just looking for one for home to learn on. I mostly just play electric guitar but I do have an Ovation acoustic which kind of got me into wanting another acoustic, hence the nylon string choice. I'm just looking to get a nylon string to play because I love the sound and want to learn how to finger pick better, etc.
Ok... Cordoba will be perfect for you then. Their medium level guitars are essentially great for people to learn on but also to grow in to if you choose to keep playing classical.
If you're in Europe, check out Hanika guitars.
Awesome guitars at reasonable prices.
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