I'm not sure if Pod Farm works with any USB interface, it very well could though.

Edit: Yeah Pod Farm only works with a Line 6 USB interface such as ilok or one of their UX models.
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Here is a qoute from the POD farm help section:
The POD Farm software is designed to work with the new Line 6 POD Studio family of USB audio interfaces. Additionally, a POD Farm Plug-In license can purchased for an iLok USB “smart key”. This Basic User Guide walks you through getting up and running with POD Farm, POD Farm Plug-In and your POD Studio or iLok USB device. POD Farm also supports all Line 6 TonePort (models GX, UX1, UX2, UX8, D.I. & KB37) and GuitarPort USB audio interfaces. All Line 6 POD X3 and PODxt family devices can be used with the POD Farm Plug-In Add-On as well! For more details on using POD Farm with all Line 6 USB hardware, as well as some handy tips on recording, optimizing your computer and more, please be sure to see the additional documentation on the POD Farm Online Help site.

So I think the answer is no.
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Quote by Odirunn
You can use it with any USB device if you get the iLok dongle.

This, so its $50 for the software and $40 for the iLok and weren't awesome enough to get one with your interface :p

So basically, you're looking at $90 instead of $50. Its worth the $50 but if you don't plan on buying any other programs that use the iLok, I wouldn't waste money on it.
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theres so many great VST sims that are free - screw the Ilok
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I got POD Farm with my interface to be honest I no longer use it as I get better tones with free ampsims. With that said you can get good tones with POD Farm if you make your own tones and use impulses.