Hey guys

So I've had an Epiphone Explorer for a fair while now, the gothic version. I've grown bored of the finish. Black has nothing interesting about it.

I decided, rather than re-finishing, I'd give some precision sanding a go, and sand through to the wood (Mahogany) and create a design that way.

I first thought of putting a white pattern on over the finish, which is still an option if I test the sanding first and can't get as precise as I want.

With both of these methods I still have a major flaw: I have no design ideas.

I was hoping the creative guys on here could give me a hand.

I want something that's a bit mystical maybe, or really anything that will really sit nicely on the guitar. Nothing too metal. More progressive rock lookin' (Elves, Dragons, Magic etc.).

Give your thoughts, and if you know any examples of guitars that have a similar sort of idea, post pictures or point me in the right direction.

So design ideas or concepts greatly appreciated. Thanks!
This may be not what you want at all, but it may inspire you.

There was a guy here who redid his telecaster a little while ago. Instead of painting it, he got a poster, cut it, and glued it on (extremely smoothly). If you want a design, chances are that is going to be a lot easier than sanding or painting one on. You could probably even get a custom poster if you find/make a cool design.

Sorry if this wasn't a good answer!
That's another idea to consider. Still, I have no design ideas, I still prefer the idea of sanding in the design.
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That sounds cool, have you got any links?


That's what a UG'er did. Sanding like you want seems like it'd be pretty difficult.