I decided I would lower the action on my gutiar, so i looked up a video on how to do it and i turned the screw on my les paul until i had the action i wanted. But then i read a comment on the video that this changes the intonation?? I don't remember what the original position was. What do I do now??

Either Google it or check the stickies at the top of the forum.
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You adjust the intonation...
It's not hard.

but I'll add some drama and say you messed up big time and there's no way to fix it.

Edit: Adjust the intonation only if it needs to be adjusted.. but it probably will.
Haha no ones gonna really notice except if you intonation is waaaaaaaaaay off as in more than 1/4 step
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when in doubt, adjust the truss rod.

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Haha no ones gonna really notice except if you intonation is waaaaaaaaaay off as in more than 1/4 step

1/4 step is a pretty big difference

I would just tune your guitar again.

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Check intonation with a tuner. play the E string at the 12th fret and if the tuner reads it the same note, it's intonated. Do the same with the other strings. Not hard. Adjust the saddles if it's off.
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check each string open, and at the 12th fret, and the 12th fret harmonic. all should be exactly the same note and no single one should be sharp or flat.

on a TOM bridge like a les paul, it's very easy to intonate if you take your time and have a decent tuner.
Lol just google "How to re-intonated a guitar" and then you'll find how to fix it... It's probably not even that bad... I made a guitar once and my math was wrong when I was adjusting it and it was off by like half an inch, Lol... So I had to go back, remove the neck, which was glued on (Which was hell coming off) and fix it... It was that bad...