Are there any traits that people say you have that you can't see, or traits you have that nobody seems to notice?

Are you consistent or different when with different groups of friends?

I think my friends opinions of me are fairly consistant with how i see myself. I don't think i'm stubborn, though..


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I'm seen the same way I said I was seen in the last how people see you thread
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People think I'm smart. I'm not.

They also think I think I'm better then everyone else. I'm just shy.
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i se myself as this funny good looking and talented guy, im pretty sure most ppl think im a c unt
How i'm seen: Awesome

How i am: Amazing

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People think of me as a good guitarist and a good drummer, with a decent knowledge of music theory.
In reality though I don't play guitar much anymore, and play drums only twice a week max (at band practice) and only really know basic theory.

They also think I eat a LOT of sweets and sugar and stuff but I don't.
I'm thought of as one of those people who's really happy all the time, but really I'm not.
You guys on here think I'm a pedo.

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How I'm seen: Happy.

How I am: Not happy.

To most of my friends I seem either happy or near-emotionless. I've actually been feeling pretty shitty recently, but I'm not going to whine about it to my friends.
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A lot of people think I'm really cold and mean but in relationships I'm very affectionate and I like complimenting people. A lot of people think I'm an amazing musician when I'm very sloppy and not the skilled. And I probably seem really sure of myself most of the time but it's quite the opposite.
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People think I'm a metal head but I only listen to a sparse batch of metal. Don't care for a lot of it.

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I have no idea how people see me. I probably come off as detached, self-absorbed and disinterested to people who don't know me, because I tend to be quiet unless people ask me questions, and I show zero initiative in social situations.
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I usually don't care what people think about me, but I get so fucking offended at how often I'm told that I seem stuck up before someone gets to know me.

I'm really not like that at all.
I'm seen as the always happy person.

But the 1 time i had a drunken breakdown no one had no idea what to do because they had never seen me like it. im good at hiding emotions away
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I'm seen as the slightly annoying nice guy. I try to be sociable, but I'm kinda shy really. Most people I know seem to like me though.
People think I'm egotistic and arrogant. I'm not. I'm just confident, and not a self-loathing bitch to my ego like they are.
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Everyone thinks I'm confident and all that shite when really I'm the shyest person I know and I'll go out of my to avoid talking to people I don't know very well.
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My friends think they know me, but they don't. Also alot of my friends don't know that I don't consider them real friends, just colleages: people don't seem to get that, in order to have a friendship, there has to be trust on both sides and feel confortable to share our private lives. Also I think I'm seen like I'm arrogant sometimes, but that's just my sarcasm kicking in. When I'm sad/pissed, some of my friends don't really get it and think I'm striving for attention or something, when I despise people who do that :/

EDIT: I'm also really shy, and I secretly rip out huge farts all the time
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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.
People see me as a brutally honest troubled genius. I am not a genius and I'm not brutally honest. I am just troubled with a few mental disorders.
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Meh I don't think there's much of a difference between the way people see me and how I really am.

I guess the biggest things that people think that aren't true are that i'm a stoner and I never get angry. I am not a stoner, and simply know how to control my anger. But those aren't really important to me anyway. I'm fairly easy to judge correctly.
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I'm not seen.
People tend to think I'm cocky, I'm really not though, I'm just good at everything.
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I'm gonna sound conceited but I do have a lot of friends without really "trying", it all comes really naturally to me and I think (hope) it's a byproduct of my outward personality. The inside is always changing though so I can't comment on that.
According to my friends, I usually give one of two first impressions: Junkie, or schizo. Either way, I tend to make people uncomfortable.

EDIT: I see myself as slightly less insane as others do, though I recognize that I am mentally unstable. I also don't think of myself as a drug addict, but it's entirely possible that I fit the clinical description of a drug abuser.

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Seen: Either super smart nerdy kid or a really stupid drug-addict metal head.

Actuality: Im neither, Im a smart-addict metal nerd.
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