Hey guys, I've been playing around with my recording stuff today and finished my first "full" song, aside from vocals. This is a first draft and I'd like some people to hear it to give me some feedback, as it's my first song. Listen here:


The first 2 minutes are kind of an "intro" for an album, or just something that would be kind of cool to play live or whatever. Then the song kicks in, complete with the crappy programmed drums and all! It's kind of a mix of thrash/some oldschool death sort of. It's fairly long but I would greatly appreciate it you would listen to it all the way through as the middle and end are, I feel, the strongest parts and what really brings it together. I plan for the vocals to come in at the 2:49 mark.

I'll appreciate any feedback, be it positive or negative! Thank you.
did your guitar panned to the left?? (for the melody in the intro) cos I was waiting for a right channel melody but its not there... maybe it's just my sound system.. thats all. couldn't say much.. ~peace~
very nicely done!! i love the entire 2 min intro ... you found a really great guitar tone too!! as for the drums, they are better than you give them credit. i know this cuz i just recently finished my first song too, and i know how tough it is to make a drum track that doesn't sound so robotic. i like how the entire feel of the song has a heavy melodic feel to it! the solo and lead fills are done very well too! maybe one thing i might critique is .... the way you have your 30 second fade out at 6:24 ... it sounds GREAT! but from a listener's perspective ... at that point i was content and happy with the song, and the fade out was kinda like the song "waving goodbye" .... i don't think there's room for the psycadelic rainforest feel at the end. OR .... have the fade out be a lot faster, or maybe even a sudden stop, then fade the rainforest in .... you know?

have a listen to my first song too ... let me know what you think!

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