Hey guys I want to screw my tremolo claw all the way in on my strat so I can only go down on the whammy bar, but I can't screw the screws in anymore.

Any help?
Where Waldo?

How many springs do you have? They may be worn out. New trem springs are very cheap. If you don't already have a 5-spring step, do so.
Not even sure what your asking, if you screw it down so tight that the plate is flush to the body you won't really be about to use it at all, it's almost like blocking it.

Try detuning your strings some they are probably getting tight as hell, and then turn the screws some more and when you get as deep as you want tune up. If the screws won't go deeper even with the strings detuned then drill a pilot hole a little deeper with a bit that's slightly more skinny than the screws and then screw them back in. You could always add a spring or two also.
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I assume you are using a strat style or non recessed tremolo? All you have to do is bottom out the screws and add some more trem springs, depending on how light you want to bar to be on the way down, you can have up to five springs total which will basically turn the guitar into a fixed bridge guitar so you can down tune. Just make sure no matter how many springs you put in, you can still return to pitch when you do a dive. This does not necessarily mean bottoming out the claw and adding all the springs you can, but adding enough so that the bridge is level and can't pull up.

If the tremolo is floating like a Floyd Rose, you need to physically block the trem with a piece of wood or some metal shims, or you could just buy the Treml-no system and install that.
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