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*disclaimer 28 days

Hi UG!

After lengthy discussions with behind the scenes members of the UG team, I am extremely excited to announce a massive community project that has the potential to be the largest UG has ever seen.

As I am working in America for 9 weeks on Long Island, and was planning on traveling anyway, I thought I would do something productive. The plan is to travel around the East coast of America/Southern Canada and meet as many UGers as I can in the space of 28 days.

I know what you're asking, 'what's in it for me?'. Well, you can be part of huge project just by turning up. It's really that simple.

We have numerous ideas to make this a special event, but what I'd really like to do, is hear from you guys to what we can do to make it even better! I'd like to see as many people getting involved both along the way and from all around the world by giving ideas.

We still need to decide the route, decide what will happen in each place and much more. I need to gauge interest and judge the volume of people in each location, as this needs to be as efficient as possible. There are a lot of people on UG, and I want to meet as many of you as I can in the time and money available.

If you think your location would be a good place for us to stop, then nominate it in here. If your place gets enough support, then it will be added to the route. I am also looking for a co-ordinator in each location, as well as places to crash for the odd night.

So guys, get thinking and I'm sure you'll come up with some cracking ideas. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you.

Sorry I should make this clear, it's more about co-ordinating numerous UG meet ups in different locations. Not just me and random individuals


20th August - 18th September


In order:

Place: New York
Coordinator: Please pm me if you're interested in being the coordinator for New York
Date: August 21st

City: Indianapolis
Coordinator: zgr0826 (please pm him for information on the Indy meet up!)
Dates: TBC

Place: Chicago
Coordinator: Please pm me if you're interested in being the coordinator for Chicago
Dates: TBC

Place: Detroit
Coordinator: Jackal58 (please pm him for information)
Dates: TBC

Place: Toronto
Coordinator: Please pm me if you're interested in being the coordinator for Toronto
Dates: TBC

Place: Boston
Coordinator: Gunpowder
Dates: TBC

City: Philidephia
Coordinator: Please pm me if you're interested in being the coordinator for Philly
Dates: TBC

City: Miami
Coordinator: yellowfrizbee (please pm her for information on the miami meet up!)
Dates: TBC

(I am going up to Thunder Bay to see friends, that's why the route is a little eratic.)
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Great idea, but im in the UK
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I'm in Vancouver but I think this is a cool idea.
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This is going to be awesome. Make sure you wear argyle and a tophat, or no one will think you are really British. They will just think you have a really fake sounding accent.
Good luck with it Tangle.

I'll be extremely interested to see how this turns out.
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Fine, don't come here.

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Why in God's name would you want to meet as many people from this place as possible?
I'll meet you next time I'm in Bangor?
Hull City A.F.C

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Moncton, SJ, or Fredericton, NB. SJ preferred since it's closest to me, no clue how many would show up.
Stop by Boston! Once I get back there that is.
Gunpowder: FUCKING ROCKS!!!
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Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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if you come anywhere near Pittsburgh, I could probably meet with you, man
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I wouldn't say my area is a great place to stop, but if you're coming through Pennsylvania then let me know. I'd be glad to meet up if I can.
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if you come anywhere near Pittsburgh, I could probably meet with you, man
+1 for Pittsburgh. Where in relation to the city are you? I'm north a few miles.
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Come to Niagara Falls, i'd show up
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I'm in Adelaide, South Australia, New Jersey. Let me know if you hit up the Boardwalk!

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If he's not raped and murdered at least once then it's hardly worth the trip.
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Take 95 all the way down the east coast.
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I'm 20 mins north of orlando and 45 mins west of daytona beach and I'll show you the alligators
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Come to london, ontario
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I recommend Miami or Orlando. I probably wouldn't be able to meet up since part of the summer I'll be out of the country and the other part will be very hectic for me. But hey, someone will be able to "show" you the alligators.
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Travelling by Greyhound/Internal flights.

Looking at Boston, Chicago, New York and Toronto for starters but open to any ideas

Miami. Boats and hoes my friend.
I'm in Windsor, ON which is about the most southern city in Canada and it's located right across from Detroit. So if you want to hit up two shitty cities in close proximity, this would be the best opportunity.
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Also if you go to Miami be sure to brush up on your Spanish. Gotta know the native language.

This. English will be your second language as soon as you arrive.
If you come to the Central Florida area, I will hang out.
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